Monster Hunter: Beckon



Outgoing Hunter


Thuy Rahta Singh

Old Red Hunter


Mihlay No'ontiang

Calm Hunter

A young apprentice hunter who weaves between attacks with a spear-like Longsword -allergic to Herbs

An old hunter whose experience and bulk allows them to bully monsters with a Greatsword

A guild hunter who uses utility items and a slinger to set up powerful Charge Blade attacks

Khinessi, Lighthouse Village - Town

A small coastal town in the northeastern edge of the continent, serves mostly as a guild checkpoint for research in the nearby regions along with maintaining the lighthouse for ships departing for the stormy eastern passage to the New World

Floodplain - Biome

The floodplain of a large seasonal river forms the hunting ground to the due south of Khinessi, accumulations of peat form excellent breeding grounds for rare mushroom species which are feasted on by many species, the area experiences intense winters, during which many monsters migrate south

Bunker Island - Arena

The remnants of an ancient civilization Tower structure off the coast of the Floodplain region, the Guild uses the structure as an arena and a hunting ground, as the site attracts many monsters dangerous to travellers

Glacial Cliffs - Biome

Large mountains near the coast to the north of Khinessi covered in snow and ice year round, avalanches caused by the Noios in the region are common, often covering some of the entrances to the caves in the region

Research Sky-Station - Town

A small research outpost in the mountains inland of the Glacial Cliffs region looking in to patterns in Elder Dragon vocalization, the site is rarely resupplied by airship, instead having a hunter onsite to gather food and recieving resupplys from hunters travelling from Khinessi

Prehistoric Caverns - Biome

An enormous cave system located to the west of Khinessi where plentiful groundwater creates enormous bodies of water interspersed with volcanic islands created from lavaflows originating from the ceiling of the caverns, the heat and humidity create a tropical environment

Blasted Highlands - Biome

An environment unique to the region where incredibly plentiful Dragon energy spouts from the ground, creating areas of lowered gravity where adapted life "swim" through the air, the guild has been attempting to research the area for a long period, but its remoteness makes it difficult to maintainin facilities nearby

Pit of Fallen Stars - Site

A cavern beneath the Blasted Highlands where a clutch of Gore Magala have been simmering and feasting on Dragon Energy and each other for a long period, resulting in a semi-living chimera like morph of the Magala line infused which has been lying dormant, the discovery of the monster has resulted in a swift Guild Response

Cloud Mantled Mountain - Site

A large mountain at the southern edge of the Glacial Cliffs where a Shantien has begun nesting, its proximity to the population center of Orroed has resulted in a large scale call for it to be hunted or repelled, which is being fulfilled by a very high Master Rank team of hunters from the Old World

Orroed, Red and Blue Port - Town

A large port city to the south of Khinessi on the border of the Red Sand Sea in a cove carved between two large rocks with port facilities facing into both the ocean and the desert, defense facilities in the city have been advancing recently due to engineers from the Old World, who have established Dragonators in several arenas in the area

Red Sand Oasis - Biome

An oasis to the south of Orroed on the edge of the Red Sand Sea and the plateaus which are near it, the area contains several unique subspecies of common riverine monsters due to the isolation of the lake and its river systems

Damned Arena - Arena

A large colosseum shaped arena managed by the royal family of Orroed at the old site of a major city, now covered in dunes and sand, nearby is a large isolated plateau which is often inhabited by powerful monsters to claim the territory

Tower Remnant - Site

The remnant of an ancient civilization Tower structure present in the eastern extent of the Blasted Highlands, the majority of the structure has been destroyed over the years, leaving behind a stubby spire surrounded by foggy plains and elevated platforms

Heavenly Path - Biome

An enormous, isolated volcanic mountain in the western extent of the Red Sand Sea, various sides and heights of the mountain have different environments, with volcanic caves and tropical forests in the lower caves, forests, plains and deserts at the mountains base, glacial regions along the slopes, and a small region of the Dragon energy environment of the Blasted Highlands at the very peak

Temple Rock - Site

An ancient building-like structure present in the depths of the Red Sand Sea, having been formed by an Elder Dragon over a long period, compasses in the region universally point towards the structure, making the site extremely important for navigation when nearby